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BOM explosion where first BOM alternative has deletion flag

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I got the following very basic scenario:

One FERT material has two BOM alternatives (alternative 1 and 2). Both of them are valid in terms of date, status and lot size. When a production order is created by CO01 the system will pick automatically alternative 1 (which is ok for me). BUT if this BOM alternative 1 gets a deletion flag (on BOM alternative header) I would expect that the system would automatically pick alternative 2 (it is the "next" suitable alternative). But the systems says there is no valid BOM available.

Only if I really delete alternative 1 (so I cannot see it anymore in CS02), the system would pick alternative 2 (because it is now the really first one available - no version in front with only deletion flag). But in terms of documentation I cannot delete the alternatives.

Maybe somebody could explain that to me or had a similar problem...

BR and thanks in advance.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi christian,

Try with setting BOM status as Inactive for first alternative. BOM header Status as in active = 2

as you said Lot size and validity date are same for both Alternative BOM.


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi Guys,

many thanks for your suggestions. Setting the status to inactive did the trick. Obviously the deletion flag is not enough at this point.

Just to clarify - production version of course would be an option but that did not work with the following:

I have 6 different routings for this FERT and the user has to choose when the production order is created. That works basically fine when the order is created with CO01 (popup for selection of production version based on MRP4 setting). BUT when a planned order is converted directly from MD04 into a production order the system would automatically pick production version 1 (no matter what setting in MRP4 view). If there are no production version the user would get at least a popup for choosing a routing. But this would maybe an additional thread in the forum



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Hi Christian Winter,

Well at your case it is better to use production versions ok and give the same lot sizes.

And maintain the routing with same group but with group counter 2 ok.

I hope then it will picks.

I hope it helps you any queries please revert me back.



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Hi, MRP 4 view in material master helps in controlling the settings for alternative BOM, through Material masterMRP4 viewBOM Explosion--Selection method.

You can refer below link for more clarity,

[Alternate BOM|]