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BOM Components

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Hi, say a finish product requires a semi finished product which we manufacture in-house (requires a raw material to make) and a raw material. in this case we need 3 level bom required, bottom most will be raw, 2nd from bottom will be semi finished & raw mat and top most will be finished product. if we run mrp (mts with stock 0) it suppose to create 1 pr to procure 1 raw (for bottom most mat) and 1 palnned order to make semi finished mat + 1 pr to procure 2nd level bom, 1 planned order to make assemblying final / finish product.Am i correct?

if i procure the second level semi finish mat from out side, the bom suppose to be 2 level. when we run mrp, 1 pr to procure semi + raw mat (2nd level) and 1 planned order to make finish product. Pls advise whether my above assumption is correct?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi ys yadav ,

Yes assumption is correct, MRP will create procurement proposals based on procurement types you had assigned in material master.

E u2013 In-house

F- externally procured.

X-in-house/ external procured

If for semi finish the type is X you can either convert it into purchase requisition or plan order, as per your wish.

Hope it will help you.



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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Yes your are right but it is not possible in standard SAP as you are having different materail code so system will create different PR as per BOM material components.

Please refer my reply from this thread which can help you,

[Collective PR|]

If you use collective indicator in MRP 4 view then system will create collective requirement for same material along with that use period lot size like MB.

Hope clear to you.



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Yes your calculations look right under assumptions like as no current stock and all BOM ratios are 1:1