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Blocking Invoice

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Hi All

I see in the website:

I understand all in this web. but I want to try on the system.

I already created PO with quantity 222 pc (price: 200 USD), Goods Receipt with quantity 230 pc ( Price 200USD), amount: 46.000 USD. I also setup tolerance limit for Upper Block Invoice is 5%

When I enter invoice with amount 46500 USD => can process in System but i cannot see anything about document posted.

and I want to try on system when I create a credit memo with amount 500USD, I can choose goods receipt or Invoice variance and post this Credit Memo.

Could you please share me about .sim file, swf file or any picture for i can see processing this scenario in system.

Thank and Best regards,

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Answers (2)

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your PO value is - 222 * 200 = 44400

your GR valuation is - 230*200 = 46000

you have set upper tolerance for blocking is more than 5% that means invoice will not get blocked as long as it is not exceeding the amount - 44400 +5% = 46620

you can check the table RSEG and find out whether invoice is blocked or not

Also during invoice posting you can reverify whether it is Qty block or Price block

if you post the invoice for 250 Qty and price remains 200 which will b blocked for Qty

if you post the invoice for 222 Qty and price changed to 220 which will b blocked for price

Hope this will help you

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Hi Thang,

Just check your PO history whether Invoice Exists.

You can also check the tables BSEG / RSEG for the Invoice based on PO .

If the document is not posted then check SM13 for update records.

The dump need to be analysed by your ABAP team.


Ramesh Ch

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Thank for your answer.

I see in the table RSEG, I saw this Document No.

Could you please tell me I have to do can see this document in T.Code MIR5.

Now Invoice Receipt and Goods Receipt difference. Could you tell me how to create Credit Memo for that difference.