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Billing document type is not appearing in VF01

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Hello Friends,

I have created billing document types as ZB1 & ZB2 in VOFA,

I am not able to see those billing types in the drop down when i use VF01

Please guide me how to customize this process.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Sadanand

Once you login to the client, do the following:-

- Press Alt + F12

- Click on Options

- Click on Expert

- Click the two boxes Show Keys in All Dropdown Lists and Sort Items by Key

Save this and come out of the screen. Now go to VF01 and see whether you could see the billing type.


G. Lakshmipathi

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Hi G. Lakshmipathi,

Thank you for your help. It has sorted out the problem.

Best regards!


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this is exactly what i was looking for..thanks


Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Check at VOFA whether ur document type is available or not?

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Check on below things in VOFA for your newly created billing document types:

- Check if '0' is there in SD Document category

- Check if '7' is maintained in Transaction Group

- Check if 'V3' is maintained in Application under Output/partner/text section

I think you have missed something out of above.


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Hi Sadanand,

Pls check whether those new documents types are appeared in the VOFM initial screen or not.

If they appear means they will come in VF01 screen also.

It may take time to update the Database.

Else means you didn't sve your new document types.

In this case you have to redo every thing and save them.



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first have you saved your new billing types in VOFA after creating them

Pls check once again in VOFA whether the same (your new billing types)appears in the list in VOFA

Then it will definately reflect in VF01

There is no F4 there only a book like picture will be there in VF01

Moreover you need have to choose the billing type in VF01 as it is automatically comes

In VOV8 have you mentioned your billing types for both order related and delivery related in the billing tab

This should have been done

If so pls refresh and try again in VF01(log out of SAP and relog after 1 minute and try)