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Biling Downpayment Condition type AZWB and Downpayment value not copying in Billing Document F2


Hello Experts,

Though the down payment configuration is the billing plan way.

I tried configuring it by the below method.


Sales Order Type - Standard

Item Category YTAN

Pricing Procedure Conditions-

- AZDI- for rounding differentials Req-2,Cal type-49

- AZWA for debit down payments, Stastical,Req type- 2, Cal type-49 Bas type- 48

- AZWB- for billing down payments

I created a sales order and entered price 20000 USD, and AZWA down payment as 10000, and saved the sales order.

I did the f-29 and posted the down payment by recording the sales order number in the f-29 screen.

Now i create the delivery for the total quantity of the sales order.

With reference to the delivery document i create a billing document F2.

The issue here i am facing is the invoice is not capturing the AZWB condition type and the down payment amount(10000) which should be deducted from the total price (20000) of the invoice.

Can anyone who has done the config earlier suggest a solution on this.

Would be thankful for the solution.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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you have to set formula 49 for azwb as well.

Conditions have to be in both sales order and billing schema.

The condition sequence is also very important- you can check this in the standard example in client 000.

There are also a few notes (2230353, 2571576, 2714746....) - just search for azwb.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Bunty,

did u solve this ?

We have strange situation on client 220 is working for one company code and on test client 317 condition on billing is now calculated.

Any suggestion would be helpful.