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BCM External Status update

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Hi All,

We are sending MT103 payments through BCM payment monitor and receiving the SWIFT ACK/NACK messages for each payment file. Now we are not able to update the ACK/NACK status in the BCM payment monitor. SAP supports a standard program to read and update the payment status using program RBNK_IMPORT_PAYM_STATUS_REPORT, now the problem we are facing is how to convert ACK and NACK status to update in payment monitor.

My configuration -

External status code maintained to my house bank.

ACK File

Standard Report-

How can we use this program to transmit SWIFT ACK/NACK status to BCM payment monitor? Please advise.

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Answers (2)

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Adding my question.

XSLT program can read text file?  Please advise

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Waht errors are you getting?

What format is the source file you are trying to load?

Does the message file has the configured external status code in it, and do they match? The ACK status you highlighted does not show in your configuration.

You have selected pain.002_v3, but the message file you have displayed is not in pain.002 format.

These are some of the questions you need to answer before anyone could help.

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Hi Fisayo Olubiyi,

Thanks your reply.

We are using service bureau not SAP SWIFT integration package, all SWIFT files received from bureau will be *txt files, standard XSLT program supports for XML files but not for "txt", if we want read ACK or NACK files which are in .txt format is their any option to convert the standard program to read the text files?

Please Advice