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dear all,

I have activated batch management for one material and i want to do auto batch determination in delivery .so I did all customization also.even though it is not happening.

system message:

There are four levels of condition determination in the overview tree shown on the left hand side: Procedure (pricing procedure, output determination procedure, strategy), condition type (output type, strategy type), condition access and condition record.

The upper right-hand side of the screen shows detailed information on the level of the overview tree that you have marked:

At condition type level you receive information on the number of accesses and why accesses have not been carried out. If a requirement is not met for a condition type in the pricing procedure, you have the option of displaying routines, by selecting additional information.

At access level you can see information on which fields an access is working with. By selecting the technical view you can see the field names for an access.

At condition record level in the in pricing analysis, you can branch to the relevant condtion record.

The message on the selected element is looked at in more detail in this part of the screen.

plz help me .it is very urgent



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hi all,

I want that system should select FIFO basis for that what selection criteria should give



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What you provided as a system message is a simply a description of the log info provided when batch determination faisl to find correct info.

In one of those windows you described is additional info.. like showing you the condition tables searched and showing you either "No condition record found". Hopefully it shows that a condition record was found in one of the tables in your search sequence. My guess is that it did not find one as this seems to be the most common error.

if that is the case, then it is either not using the access sequence you thought it was, and hence not the right tables. Or, you don't have a batch search stategy record defined for the right combination of info provided by the delivery such as material number/customer number etc... or whatever fields used for your access sequence.