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Batch determination for purity criteria does not work

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Good day all.

Please I have a scenario in WM where a customer can only be shipped a batch that has a purity between 90% and 100%.

I have maintained the classification tab within the material master data.

I maintained the condition table with Warehouse Number/customer /mvt type (601).

I did all the configuration steps. I maintained the selection class with the characteristic having value 90 - 100 %

I maintained the sort rule. I created condition record with transaction LS51

Then during test, I do LT03 and I get " No batches were selected during the batch search" but I have 3 batches in the warehouse, among them a 95%purity

Any idea?

Thank you!

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Hello jean.cote2

First check if the batch determination strategy works correctly. Use Environment -> Disp. Batch Determination menu in LT03.

Then check the storage bin determination log with Environment -> Stor. Bin Search Log. Make sure that the correct batches are in the storage bin determined.

Some background - you are using batch determination during transfer order creation. SAP standard settings trigger batch determination after storage bin determination, i.e. WM has priority. Thus if the required batches are not located in the storage bin determined, they won't be found. You can modify that behavior with stock determination settings - IMG Materials Management -> Inventory Management and Physical Inventory -> Stock Determination -> Define Strategies for Stock Determination -> Stock Determination Header Table:

Consider switching the batch determination strategy to the outbound delivery level, if you want to determine batches irrespective of their location in the warehouse.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski