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BAPI or Mass update of Customer Master multiple Email ID addresses

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Hi Experts,

We have DEBMAS in place and a new requirement to maintain and manage multiple email id addresses of the Customer master.

We are not following ADRMAS and the proposed solution is to create a new custom segment to have the multiple email id addresses from the source system as an IB IDoc to change the Customer master.

We are using the FM of SD_CUSTOMER_MAINTAIN_ALL for Creation and Change of Customer master and achieving one email-id .

Using which BAPI or FM, we can perform a subsequent posting using the Custom number & address number to upload / insert the multiple email id addresses of the customer master.

Please share your valuable inputs.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi there,

You can use API class CL_MD_BP_MAINTAIN for this.
Some time ago I've written a blog about its usage.

Best regards,


Hi c12b61ded10b4e18beae75c3b6218d2c,

Yes, I have used the same API class and resolved it.

Much appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

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