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Hi all,

we developed one z program to do the miro using bapi_incominginvoice_create,

But here my problem is i need to populate the withholding tax, for this thing i used the below code.

if withtaxdata[] is initial.

withtaxdata-SPLIT_KEY = '1'.

withtaxdata-WI_TAX_CODE = 'G9'.

withtaxdata-WI_TAX_TYPE = 'G9'.

withtaxdata-WI_TAX_BASE = amount."p_base.

append withtaxdata.




headerdata = headerdata


invoicedocnumber = invoicedocnumber

fiscalyear = fiscalyear


itemdata = itemdata[]

  • taxdata = taxdata[]

WITHTAXDATA = withtaxdata[]

vendoritemsplitdata = vendoritemsplitdata[]

return = return2[].

with this code iam able to create the invoice. but if go and see the invoice, withholding tax value is zero but iam able to see the

tax type and code there, so why its not picking the base value which i passed from bapi.

Please guys do reply me, <removed by moderator>

Edited by: Thomas Zloch on Nov 23, 2010 4:22 PM - priority normalised

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Based on the code snippet you provided, it seems that you are populating the withholding tax data correctly and passing it to the BAPI function 'BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_CREATE'. However, you mentioned that the withholding tax value is showing as zero in the created invoice.

One possibility for this behavior is that the base value you passed for the withholding tax calculation is not correct or is not being recognized by the system. You may want to verify that the value you are passing as 'p_base' is valid and appropriate for the tax code you are using.

Another possibility is that there may be some custom settings or configurations in your system that are affecting the calculation of withholding tax for incoming invoices created through BAPI. You may want to consult with your system administrator or SAP consultant to check if there are any such configurations that need to be adjusted or customized for your scenario.

Finally, I would like to remind you that it is not recommended to share sensitive or confidential information, such as system details or program codes, in public forums like this. Please be mindful of security and privacy concerns while seeking help online.