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Balance forward from previous year

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Hello bloggers !

I am trying to carry the balance forward from previous fiscal year using SAPF010, but when doing so I got incorrect amounts and some accounts this did not work. What can I do to check that the balance have been carried forward correctly.



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Answers (2)

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I very much appreciate that.

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Hi Keller,

First check if New GL is active in your system, if this is the case then use transaction FAGLGVTR instead of SAPF010/ 11.

Also you need to check if the account in question is a "Retained Earnings account". The P+L accounts are carried forward to the retained earnings accounts on the balance sheet (definition in Transaction OB53). No documents are created, the balance carry forward can therefore not be carried out via the line item display.

The opening balance on a retained earnings account consists of:

Opening balance = Closing balance of the previous year

+ Retained earnings from the P+L accounts

Consequently, the opening balance on a retained earnings account does not correspond to the closing balance of the previous year.

You can view the balances carried forward for this Retained Earnings account for each fiscal year by using transaction F.16.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards