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B1 DI Error: Cannot add rows to a Document type UserTable

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I'm migrating away from the B1WS integration an writing an application that is using the SAPbobsCOM90.dll.

We have an addon that has custom usertables and I'm trying to write to these tables in C#:

var userTable = company.UserTables.Item("TABLENAME");

userTable.Code = "123";

userTable.Name = "123";

userTable.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_cardCode").Value = "test value";

var result = userTable.Add();

When I run this I get the error: Cannot add rows to a Document type UserTable

This doesn't make sense because that table is defined as type 3 (Document), and I thought this is how you insert records into a document table.

Anyone seen this before?

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Community Manager
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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Dear roger_versluis94,

Could you please help to confirm the SAP Business One Version where you are having this issue?

Also, do you have the User Defined Objected (UDO) registered for this User Defined Table?

Kind regards,


SAP Business One Support

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