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automation for repetitive configuration requests

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There are multiple tickets received for the creation of purchase group/storage location/ Z table update. The ticketing tool is to be updated with the transport request for such minor changes. These requests are then transported to Subsequent systems.

In order to reduce the operational time, we are in preparation of the custom tool for configuration of the purchase group/storage location/ Z table.

Can you suggest ideas how to link the SAP development with the ticketing tool? Is it possible to do?

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I actually think that your question has nothing at all to do with the application MM.

you just have some MM customizing as example and maybe as trigger for this request, but the solution has nothing to do with MM. You need to talk with the people who know your ticketing tool, you did not even mention which one you have (there is more than just 1 in market), how can you then expect a serious answer to solve the challenge.