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Automating Data Monitor & Consolidation Monitor Tasks

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We are on GR 2020 (on premise) and like to understand if anyone has achieved automating the Data Monitor and Consolidation Monitor tasks like a process chain load in BW/BPC?

We want the business to be,

1. able to trigger the data monitor anytime they want

2. have it scheduled so that the load runs automatically irrespective of holidays

3. able to run consolidation monitor tasks before closing data monitor tasks if required

Any insights would be helpful.


Vinoth V

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Answers (1)

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Yes, the DM and CM are essentially just front ends to SE38 programs for each type of task. You can define variants for each of your versions, and link the fiscal year/period to STVARV parameters to control the period being consolidated across all the programs. We've linked these activities together in SM36 jobs during initial testing, and have them automated via a 3rd party scheduling tool for better monitoring / parallel execution where possible (e.g., PL20 reclassification tasks can all be run in parallel). Probably the easiest way to figure this out is to schedule the tasks individually through the 'Schedule Jobs for Consolidation Tasks', then look at the program and variant details for the job created in SM37.