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automatically determine the staging area and door

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Hello Gurus,

How to automatically determine the staging area and door ? and where to configure it?

thanks very much!

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Hi zhang

Material staging areas and doors are related to Warehouse management.

First of all assign WM to your storage location


This is the place where the goods come to the warehouse or leave from the warehouse

The use of doors is to pick and putaway process in the warehouse.

You can also assign the doors to the staging areas as goods receiving and shipping points

Material staging areas

This is an organizational unit that is assigned to the warehouse number. It is used to organize the goods flow in the warehouse

The use of the material staging areas is that , they are used for interim storage of goods in the warehouse

Staging areas can be defined for other purposes like goods receipt and goods issues



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You have to do following configuration settings so that system could automatically determine Doors and Staging areas during creation of outbound delivery.

You can also add them manually at outbound delivery stage

1. IMG - Enterprise structure - Assignment - Logistics Execution - Assign warehouse number to plant / storage location

Assign your plant & storage location to Warehouse number.

2.IMG - Logistics Execution - Warehouse Management - Master Data - Define Doors

Define Doors for your warehouse number

3 IMG - Logistics Execution - Warehouse Management - Master Data - Define Material staging areas

Define material staging areas for your warehouse number and assign your Door.

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Logistics Execution ->Warehouse Management-> Master Data - > Define Material Staging Areas

This is a path to determine staging and door before this u have to define doors and activate warehouse.

Check it

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This is related to Warehouse Management. It is a separate module and not always the SD functional consultants are required to look into the warehouse management aspects.