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Automatic Upload of Bank Statement on Manual Bank Reconciliation

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Hello All,

Is there a way that I can automatically upload a bank statement in SAP instead of having to capture what is on the statement manually in FF67 ?


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HI lyssa_kay,

Yes, there is a lot of functionality around automatic upload / processing of bank statements in SAP. Just search either on this forum / Google / YouTube for "SAP Electronic Bank Statement" and you will have plenty of blog posts / videos describing the process and its various variations.

As a starter, you can check out this short post.

But before, you go about exploring technical options, you need to check what support you can get from your bank: does it provide bank statements in format MT940 ? If not, maybe it supports Multicash, BAI or XML-based bank statements ? You should check first, what your bank supports and take it from there. There is at least one good post describing the setup of each of these formats.