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Automatic PO Creation Thru RFQ

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Dear Experts,

Is there any way to create automatic po thru RFQ. If yes, what should be prerequisite and T-Code, procedure.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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hai gr

first of all if u want to make auto po for that particular material u have to maintain "auto po" indicator in purchasding view of the material master and at the same time u have to maintain auto po indicator in the respective vendor purchasing view

then create a pr with me51n and save that after if u have the release procedure with u r organisation u release with me54n

u r pr will converted into the po u can check with "me2m"


if useful reward me


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RFQ is the the Process to select one Vendor from the set of vendors who can supply same material.

Auto PO creation is a process to convert the PR in to PO.

Both are 2 diff process..

manually you can create Po wrt to RFQ..

But the auto Po concept has 2 steps:

1. selection of soure/vendor.

2. converting to PO.

during the the first process you have select the vendor based on the RFQ result and assign the vendor to that PR

During the second step system will automatically create the PO.

If it is fixed vendor , step 1 is not required.

Hope this will help you..


Kumar Arcot

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