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Automatic DIR ( Document info record ) creation using Attachment Services for SAP DMS in S/4 Hana


I need to set up a S/4 Hana test system ( Without Content server ) to use Attachment Services for SAP DMS.

As per the information mentioned in the blog ( link given below ), Attachment services can be used in SAP DMS to create the DIR automatically as soon as User attaches document on the front end transaction ( in my case: Its Change Purchase Order transaction - ME22N ).

My questions are:

1) What are the Config setting required for Attachment Services to be used in SAP DMS ?

2) The thing I am not able to understand is where exactly on ME22N screen would I see that icon to attach the documents on PO line item ? Is it different from the icon Services for Object -> Create Attachment ? which we usually use for GOS ( Generic Object Services ) ?

My ultimate requirement is as soon as User attaches the documents on ME22N screen, it should automatically create the DIR ( creating the object link with the PO line item ). User does not want to go to CV01N screen to create DIR first and then attach it with PO line item.

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Hi Sagar,


step-1 define global document types

step-2 define the content repository

step-3 define the document type for PO process

step-4 create DIR for PO process & link this PO in object tab.

step-5 User can able to see this DIR in PO screen.

Thanks & cheers