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Automatic AuC Creation for Internal Order Immediately Released

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Hi Experts,

In my current project, we receive a requirement to configure Internal Order to be immediately released after created.

I understand that this configuration is provided in order type configuration. However, I noticed that this configuration seemed to be incompatible for investment internal order, in which once created will automatically generates asset under construction (AuC) for its settlement.

I did the testing and when I was about to save the internal order, a message popped up saying that "System status requires an AuC". From what I understand, before saving the system validated that investment IO with status "REL" should have AuC before saved while the AuC itself is only created after the order is successfully saved.

Is there anything I can configure to resolve this issue? I have tried to configure a status profile but could not find the business transaction for the AuC creation.

Please advise,



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Dear Astry,

    Please refer note

140736 -  AA205, AY098 when releasing an order/WBS element



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Hi Waman,

Thank you for your prompt reply,

Referring to the Note, SAP suggests to un-tick the "release immediately" configuration to enable successful batch creation of investment IO. However, this does not fulfill the requirement to have batch creation of investment IO and release the IO immediately after creation.

Is there any other way to enable both automatic AuC creation and immediate release of internal order during batch creation? The Note was released on 2002, I am wondering if there are possibilities that SAP has fixed it ever since.

Many thanks,



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You can define investment profile as below picture to automatically creates an asset under construction (AuC).