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Auto update of Pricelist

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I have client who needs to update a certain pricelist very frequently, due to frequent changes in the pricelists. Is there a way or mechanism out there to change this price lists automatically i.e. set a column on the GRPO or something ?

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Hi Martin,

I use the following procedure for many of my clients. It's much easier than manually editing procelists or using DTW.

1. Exporting Price Lists for update

Use this script:

SELECT T0.[ItemCode], T0.[PriceList], T0.[Price], T0.[Currency] FROM ITM1 T0 where t0.pricelist = '[%0]'

Select the Price List NUMBER at the prompt. Send this to Excel.

In Excel, amend the columns as required. Depending on the Pricelist which is to be updated amend the column Pricelist to the NUMBER of the Pricelist as defined in the leftmost column on the Pricelist screen (Stock management/Price Lists/Price Lists).

NOTE If updating the same Price List as that exported, all the columns should already be populated with the correct data and only the Price need be modified.

To produce the import file from Excel ensure that there is no header and there are only columns Item No./Pricelist/Price and Currency u2013 delete the top row and first column before saving the file. The Currency should comply with the standard SAP currency codes (GBP/USD/EUR, etc.). Save the file as type Text (Tab delimited). Use this file as per Importing Pricelists below.

2. Importing Pricelists

Administration/Data Import/Export/Import from Excel

Data Type to Import u2013 Change to Items

In A select Item No.

In B select Price List Code.

C should auto populate to Price According to Price List.

D should auto populate to Price List Price Currency.

Tick Update Existing Records.

Tick Update Accounts in Existing Items.

Click OK.

Select the file as per Price List Export Files above.

The file will then be imported and the relevant Pricelist updated.

Hope this helps


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Very useful.

It's works fine. Easy for the clients too.



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Though not fully automatic its much better than manual or using DTW.

Thanks for this.

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DTW > Batch file may help you on this, but still user has to manually key in the price in Template.

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There is no such functionality in SBO which could automate this. It has to be done manually