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Authorization to stop deleting the tasks in PM Notification

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Dear all,

How can I stop the users from deleting the Tasks in the PM notification?. Authorization object I_VORG_MEL does not have such business transaction.

Warm Regards,

Srinivas Potluri

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Greetings Srinivas,

One way you could handle this is:

1. Create or amend a status profile for Object Type "Tasks" in OIBS . In SPRO assign this to the tasks in Overview of Notification Types

2. Create a status w/o number e.g. TIND - "Task indelible" . Assign the business transaction "Delete Task" to "Forbidden" and set this status to Initial.

3. Then set up an authorization key for this status and only assign the auth to the users who should be able to delete tasks.  This will force the user to first remove the user status and only then to delete the task.

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Dear Sebastian & Peter,

Thanks for your helpful suggestions.

warm regards,

Srinivas Potluri