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Authority field BRGRU for different FI objects

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In the Financial module, various objects use the authorization field BRGRU. For example, it is possible to store an authorization group for debtors, creditors, ledger accounts, documents or booking periods. These can then be assigned via the organization level BRGRU and the associated authorization object.

What do I do if I use identically named authorization groups in these objects, but only want to authorize a user for this authorization group in one of the objects? Do I have to manually maintain the authorization object for each authorization group each time and cannot use the function of the organization levels in PFCG for this? I would prefer to include the authorization objects in their standard form in the authorization role without having to manually include them or without having to change the authorization proposal values in the PFCG.

It seems to me that it is very inconvenient that various authorization objects use the same organization level.


Debtor account: 4711; using authorization group 'ABC'

ledger account: 1234; using authorization group 'ABC'

User A should only be authorizid for F_BKPF_BED~BRGRU 'ABC', not for F_BKPF_BED~BRGRU 'ABC'. And for that i prefer to use organization levels in PFCG.

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