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Audit data is missing for some random master data

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Audit report -

Regarding missing audit data issue, audit is enabled in our BPC application. We do have audit getting generated on daily basis. However users reported that last year OCT and NOV data is missing for some of the projects. We couldn't find the data in the auditHDR* and auditdata* tables in the *Extra database of our appset. Could you please let us know of all audit related data tables that we can look for the missing audit information?

Also please advise on the second issue below.

When we run the Audit Report by using group by time dimension it does not show respective month audit data. It shows mix of data. For example under 2016.JAN we can see audit data displayed for 2016.FEB, MARCH and so on. Is there any specific table controlling the alignment of Audit data displayed?

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