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ATP- Confirm full Case

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We are on 4.7V of SAP. I have a business scenario wherein a product Base unit of measure is "EA", but we want to ship the products in complete cases.

So, if 1 CS = 10 EA and we have 12 EA's in stock. Customer places order for 2 CS, ATP should confirm only 1 CS in this situation as the stock is not enough to ship 2 CS.

Please help me figure out how to acheive this in SAP.

Thank you in advance.


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Answers (3)

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Do you have any update on this topic ?

Even I am in the same boat. Hunting for a solution.



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Thank you Shiva for the info. I tried your suggestion of setting Sales unit of measure and found that ATP still confirms partial quantities. I am going to look into the OSS note you mentioned and see if that resolves the issue.

Thank you again


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Try the following;

1. Maintain the conversion between case and EA in the material master. 2) Add the sales UOM as case in the material master Sales:sales org1 views. 3) Enter the sales order quantity in case and then check how the ATP confirm the quantities.

Just came across SAP OSS Note 547118 - FAQ: Result of ATP calculation. The point 10 of this note suggests to use user exit. Below is the detail.

10. Question

Why is the confirmed quantity a decimal fraction even though I have activated the setting in Customizing that informs the system that decimal places must not be used for the unit of measure?


This setting in Customizing only refers to the requested quantities accepted by the system. If you only ever work with whole values (that is, inventory postings and all receipts and issues) and if a document works with a sales probability of 100 percent, the whole numbers are also retained even during the ATP invoice.

If, however, a document works with a sales probability between 0 and 100 percent, quantities that are not whole numbers can also be assigned. Consequently, quantities that are not whole numbers also remain available and can then be assigned. Therefore, a result that is not a whole number is possible even though Customizing is defined differently.

The standard R/3 system does not need to have a rounding function because the design objectives can only be defined individually and other rounding problems would occur, such as conservative rounding or rounding that would result in overassignment.

If you nevertheless want to use a rounding function for the confirmed quantities, the EXIT_SAPLATPC_002 function module is provided as a user exit for changing the result of the ATP check. In this case, the T006-ANDEC and T006-DECAN fields must be analyzed depending on the unit of measure used. The T_MDVEX-MNG02 quantity can then be adjusted accordingly.

Refer also to Note 787037, which corrects this particular rounding error.

Attention: The ATP check is always carried out with the base unit of measure.


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