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ATP balance qty

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If we create a sales order for 30 kg and ATP qty=100, then we have 30 kg confiremd qty in sales order.

1) I need to  know what happens to ATP qty before the sales order is saved and after the sales order is saved. where can we see the behaviour of ATP qty before and after sales order save.

2) How to see the balance ATP qty in system ?



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Answers (3)

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CO09 is the only transaction suitable for analysing ATP quantities. See SAP note 89362.

If you check CO09 after you save the sales order, you will see that there is 70 available in the Cumulative ATP Qty column.

There is no field that will tell you that there was 100 available before this sales order was created. However, it is possible to calculate manually by evaluating CO09.

For example, look at below screenshot. 100 in stock - 30 confirmed = 70 available. However, if the sales order didnt exist, then it would be 100 - 0 confirmed = 100.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Pamela,

Yes, you can view remaining ATP quantity in MD04, for more information on stock statistics you can goto;

MD04 -----> GoTo -------> Stock Statistics.



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You can check in MD04

G. Lakshmipathi