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ATP - Availability Control Screen -

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Hey all,

Following Situation :

We have done additional development where :

- we have created a custom table which holds a customer/material specific RLT

- we have made changes to the ATP user exit where the standard ATP logic is replaced by customized RLT settings listed in the above custom table.

When an order is created, item line is entered.. ATP runs, checks if a 'custom rlt' is available in the custom table...and adds X days of RLT to MAD (Material.Av.Date).

Problem : If "complete delivery" option on Availability Control screen is selected, the calculation of the scheduled lines is correct (MAD = Today + RLT from custom table). BUT, if the "deliver proposal " option is selected on the Availability control sreen, the schedule lines are not calculated correctly (RLT from custom table is skipped?).

Example :

Customer has 20 days of RLT in custom table.

Stock available today : 10 tons.

Order entered on 29/10/2009, delivery date : 05/11/2009. MAD in 1st schedule line = 03/11/2009.

Ordered qty : 10 tons

Availibilty control screen proposes :

Complete delivery : MAD 23/11/2009 - Delivery Date : 25/11/2009

Delivery Proposal : MAD 23/11/2009 - Delivery Date : 25/11/2009

Result when selecting complete delivery :

1st schedule line : : 05/11/2009 (unconfirmed qty)

2nd schedule line : : 25/11/2009 (10t confirmed qty)

Result when selecting Delivery proposal :

1st schedule line : : 05/11/2009 (unconfirmed qty)

2nd schedule line : : 05/11/2009 (10t confirmed qty)

So, issue is that when we select the Delivery Proposal option on Av. Control screen, SAP does not add the custom RLT that we have defined in our custom table.

We don't know why SAP / ATP reacts differently when the Delivery Proposal option is selected.

Thanks for helping


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Pl set the availability check rule to B in T Code OVZJ.

... Please

with kind regards


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Hi Sundar, thanks for your reply...however... we do not wish to tell SAP to defaul the av.check rule... we do would like to understand why SAP doesn't consult the custom table to get the custom RLT when Delivery Proposal is selected.

We were wondering....does SAP use diff. user exist when Delivery Proposal is selected versus Complete Delivery ?