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Assistance Required in Creating Inventory Counting Query

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I am currently working on creating a query for Inventory Counting records. I am facing difficulty in locating the columns "UoM Counted Qty" and "Items per Unit" within the INC1 table. Upon enabling System Information and pointing to the columns, I observe entries labeled as "_FU_P" and "SumVar" instead. Your guidance on locating the correct columns or any additional steps to retrieve the required information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance.

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Hello Jaime Dolor Jr.,

If you encounter challenges in identifying specific column names within SAP Business One tables, consider utilizing the Query Generator tool. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Navigate to the Query Generator in SAP Business One (Tools > Queries > Query Generator).
  2. Explore predefined system queries tailored to Inventory Counting or Document Rows. These queries may contain the fields you are seeking.

For the "UoM Counted Qty," retrieve the relevant data using the following query:


Regarding "Items per Unit," this information is often dependent on unit of measurement conversions defined under Item Master Data. You can inspect this by executing the query:


This systematic approach helps in locating fields within the SAP Business One HANA database. For nuanced fields like "Items per Unit," understanding dependencies on item units of measurement conversions found in the Item Master Data is crucial. If further clarification is needed, consulting SAP Business One documentation or seeking assistance from an administrator is recommended.

Best regards,

Kaushal Barot