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Assignment of variant keys through CU50

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Hi ,

Can someone tell me the table where the characteristic value to variant key relationship is stored (assigned through CU50)?

I am looking for a way to move this data across clients and systems, as I could not find a suitable ALE message type to move this. Any thoughts on this?



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Good luck with that.

I'd contact SAP ASAP. All objects in variant config and classification are stored via internal object numbers I believe. You should review the thread that is posted as a sticky at the top of this forum. It has some table info concering the batch classification information. This might give you a window into the data you are looking for.

The problem with SAP using the internal object numbers is that you can't just copy over a table. You can have critical inconsistencies due to these internal numbers.

If SAP doesn't provide a means to move the data via ALE or some other method, you really need to understand what you are doing before copying any table data. You'll probably be better off finding a way to report out the data to a file and then writing a program to reload the data in to the new system. Maybe via LSMW. Maybe you'll need a whole load program written. Then SAP will reasign new object numbers cause it'll be like adding new records.