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Assign Standard Texts for Short Messages to Notification Types

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In IMG configuration "Assign Standard Texts for Short Messages to Notification Types" I have assigned one standard text which was created in SU10 to Notification type M1.

After that when I checked in transactions IW21 and IW22, Long text box is not get automatically filled with Standard text content which was assigned in IMG.

but I could add the text manually with below path:

Change Long text on PM Notification-> Ctrl+shift+F5-> fill Text Name,Text ID->select Expand immediately-> continue.

Using the above manual process I could add any standard text which are defined in SU10, then what is the use of "Assign Standard Texts for Short Messages to Notification Types" in IMG?

What is the procedure to add standard text in long text automatically? or is it standard functionality to add it manually?

Thank you

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Here is the documentation on how to implement it with the help of your ABAPer. Default Notification Header Long Text | SCN

Good luck


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Firstly this reply is not for exploring the customizing 'Maintenance of standard texts for Notification types'  but to  give a solution to default Longtext in a Notification type.

A correction here:

The tcode mentioned by author as SU10 should be SO10 where we create standard texts.

So, it is right exit QQMA0025  for Maintenance Notifications, where we can write our code to default a Longtext created in SO10 to default in Notification types while Create.  It is achieved by using FMs READ_TEXT and SAVE_TEXT.



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Hi Renjith,

Check out the following user-exit.

QQMA0007: QM: Default Values when Creating a Notification

QQMA0025: PM/SM: Default values when adding a notification

Hope it will be useful.


Lalit Sejwal