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Assign Service Performer to several Vendors

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I wonder if it is possible to assign a service performer (BBP005) to several suppliers at a time? Two or more valid contracts.

The system shows me different response.

In APP F3505A we find only one vendor field.

Within BP I can't maintain the relations within the BP of the service performer, cause HR integration is activ.

If I use PA30 to add Infotype 3435 the current vendor relation end date will set by system. Result is only one valid activ relationship to vendor.

The only way I found, to maintain several service performer to vendor relations is, using BP, opening the Vendor and maintain the relation to the service performer this way. Open another vendor and add the relation to the same service performer.

Now I wonder if we are using a bug or a feature?

Is SAP supporting multiple valid vendor assignments to one service provider in any way?

The reason I am asking is, we need to assign one service performer to several vendors for service procurement.

Lets say we want buy a freelancer not directly but via several agencies. So this service performer has to be assigned to the agencie A and agencie B at the same time. The purchase order has the agancie as supplier and we need to assign the same service performer no matter which of those two vendors we add to our purchase order.

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