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asset purchase error

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I try to pay down payment for asset, f-90, special GL:A, system says error:

Posting key 31 does not permit specification of a special G/L indicator

Message no. F5761


Posting key '31' and special G/L indicator 'A' were transferred.

System Response

Inconsistent data cannot be prcessed.


Remove the special G/L indicator online.

If the data comes from another application, the consistency of the data there must be guaranteed.

how to resolve?

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Dear Chris,

A spl G/L indicator is only allowed for posting keys 09,19, 29, 39.

Do you want to post a requested down payment or a received down payment?

Requested: F-37, automatic posting key 09 (it's only a noted item)

Received: F-29, automatic  posting key 19.

Please try this and simulate and let us know the results.


Nishan Dev

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I want to make downpayment for asset purchase, F-90, 3000 USD Asset, our company first payment is 1000 USD, how to do?

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This is called advance down payment, You can follow following process.

Follow the below mentioned steps for Advance Payment against the PO / Contract;

1. F-47 - Create Down Payment Request (Here in selection screen specify all the necessary details (Doc Type - KA) and press enter, on this screen specify amount to be paid in advance and also specify the PO Document and line item and SAVE)

2. F-48 - Down Payment Entry w.r.t. Down Payment Request No

3. F-54 - Down Payment Clearing

At the time of MIRO, it will pop-up that advance payment is done to this vendor against this PO.

There are Prerequisite for advance payment, hope those are configured, if not you will again come with error.

If you are totally new to the process, and have never done this activity, I would suggest you to take some experience consultant help or visit ?

Best Luck,

Nishan Dev

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F-48 can't be used in purchase asset, in Nov.10, I use F-02 to post 1000 usd downpayment to buy assset, asset depreciation start from Nov.1.

asset total value is 3000 USD, so what's my next step, post invoice using invoice 3000, then use F-54 to clear?

is below account entry correct:

(1)down payment for asset

Dr: Advance-vendor 1000

Cr: bank 1000

(2) Invoice

Dr: Asset 3000

Cr: advance 1000

   Cr: bank 2000

if I want asset depreciation start day at invoice (3000 USD), not down payment, what should I configure?

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Simple process as Nishan explained above.


Vendor A/C   DR 

      To Bank   A/C

F-90 or MIRO

Asset A/C DR

      To Vendor A/C


Vendor A/C DR

      To Vendor A/C (Spl GL)

Please check