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Asset PO - Assets Masters Quantity Discrepancy?

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Hello Experts Fi-AA,

We are facing problems with Assets POs. Observed a discrepancy in updation of quantity in asset masters

when an asset was procured through PO.

Case1 :

While creating asset masters if we left the quantity field blank, even when MIRO happened Quantity not updated.


While creating asset masters if quantity was maintained in asset masters ,same was doubled when MIRO completed.

request kindly help in giving solution

thanks & regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Srihari

If you create the Asset Master Leaving the Qty Field Blank, but updating the Unit of Measure (UOM) Field as EA, it always updates the Qty upon F-90 or MIGO/MIRO....

If UoM is not appearing in your Asset Master, then include the same from Screen Layout...

Br, Ajay M

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