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Asset Maintenance of Useful Life in Months

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Hi Experts,

Is there a way to maintain the useful life of asset in the master data in terms of months, rather than in years?

I would appreciate all your inputs. Thanks in advance.



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In Asset master there is Additional field for entering the Useful Period also along with useful year.

Suppose you have Useful life of the asset as 2.5 years you can enter as

Useful life years: 2

Useful life periods: 6

Press F1 in that period field explains in best way this way you can maintain for partial years.

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Hi Lolu,

Thanks for your reply. But if the user wants that they maintain the useful life in months altogether, is that possible? For example, instead of 10 years, they want to maintain this as 120 months.

Thank you so much.

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Sorry I don't think that will be possible from my point of view.

Lets keep the question open if someone can suggest us something.

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it's not possible. Just the way it is mentioned above, in a combination of years & months.