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Asset expired use full life if we make Zero

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Dear SAP Team,

Issue from asset accounting: If an asset expires useful life( screen shot attached), if we make 'Zero', is there any accounting impact, and if there is, where is it?


We have a couple of assets useful for 5 years, from September 8, 2018 to September 2023, completed.

If the asset still has a value in NBV, we will enter it through the manual entry (ABAO), and the NBV value will be zero.

Issue :

But here the issue will be in 2018 the user entered additionally Expired Life: 3 Years. So the NBV value is not able to be do zero, which shows in 2222. If you make one entry through ABAO again, another value (some value 1500, for example) will show up.

how to fix it the issue, can you please advise anyone?

If we make expired life * 3* years, make zero... The issue will be fixed. If I done , is there any accounting impact?

Please check the below screen shot for your reference

thank you,



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