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Asset Accounting : Load Asset Balances

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We had an issue relating to asset balance upload:

We have Asset transfer date: 06/30/2007

While loading asset values for asset having capitalisation date before 12/31/2006 system is accepting the values for accum book value in AS91 ( field is ready for input) but for asset with capiatlisation date after 12/31/2007 say 03/01/2007 system is not accepting accum book value ( field is not coming as input enabled its greyed). Need to confirm how the balances before 06/30/2007 should be loaded for assets having capitalisation date on or after 01/01/2007.

2. How GL Balances will be tallied for these assets? Any program to load GL values.

Your early response to this will be highly appreciated..



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Please check this -

SPRO-> FI> AA->Asset data transfer-->Parameters for data transfer -

> Date specifications->

SAP text for the settings

1) Specify Transfer Date/Last Closed Fiscal Year

In this step, you determine the transfer date for the asset data transfer. This date determines the status of posting to be used for the transfer (posting up to this date will be included in the transfer), not the actual date the data transfer is carried out. This specification also determines whether you want to perform the transfer during the fiscal year (with transfer of posted transactions/depreciation in the current fiscal year) or at the end of the fiscal year (without transactions).

If the transfer date is not the last day of the fiscal year (according to the fiscal year variant in FI), the system interprets this as transfer during the fiscal year. The system cannot transfer any historical transactions. It can only transfer cumulative values from the end of the last fiscal year, and the transactions in the current fiscal year (the second is only possible for transfer during the fiscal year).


transfer date = December 31, 1997

=> last closed fiscal year = 1997


Specify the transfer date for each company code.

Further notes

SAP library FI-AA: Asset Data Transfer -> Time of Transfer

2)Specify Last Period Posted in Prv.System (Transf.During FY)

The following step is only necessary if you want to perform an old assets data takeover during the fiscal year. In this case, you must specify the period up to which depreciation was posted in the previous system. This period refers to the posted depreciation that is to be transferred during old assets data takeover.


Specify the period up to which depreciation was posted in the previous system.

As you know AS91 to upload

You can use LSMW for mass uploading.

You need not upload seperately upload GL balances. Through Account determination theses GLs would be updated automatically.