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Assessment and Distribution

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I have doubt on this concept could u pls explain

Difference between assessment and Distribution



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For executing the Assessment cycle the the Tcode is - KSU5 ( creation of cycle is KSU1)

For executing the Distribution cycle the Tcode is - KSV5 ( creation cycleKSV1)


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Hi Sudhan

Both are allocation methods used in cost center accounting


1) Only primary costs are distributed

2) No need to create a secondary cost element

3) On the receiver cost center u can see the original cost element

4) Distribution is for one to one allocation of cost - u cannot use group of cost elements


1) both primary and secondary costs can be allocated

2) Creation of assessment cost element catg 42 is a pre condition

3) Receiver cost center does not show details of primary costs. You can read it as secondary costs only

4) You can create logical cost element groups and use them in allocation


Assessment is preferred over distribution since u can group costs in cost element groups and post them as one line item in receiver cost centers

Also, system space point of view assessment is preferred

Again use of allocation methods depends on business requirements, you can have either only one only or both of them.

Hope the above clarifies - pls assign points as a way to say thanks

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These are the period end activities in Controlling

<b>Distribution</b> -

It allocates only <b>primary costs</b> where ---

The original cost element is reatained in the receiver cost center to which we r allocating it

Information about the sender and the receiver is doccumented in the controlling doccument

<b>Assessment</b> -

It is the method of internal cost allocation by which the costa are( <b>primary and secondary both</b>) of a sender( from where cost are to be allocated)cost center are yransferred to receiver of one or more cost center under an assessment cost elemnt.

Assessment is very much useful when the composition of the costs is unimportant for the receiver

eg - assessment of canteen cost to a cost center need not be broken down further


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