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ASKBN - Asset not exist in Company Code

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Helo People,

Could you tell us what are the way we can analyse for the situation:

When we execute the transaction: ASKBN, the system shows us that some Assets doens´t exist, but they exist.

We have made some proves and we observed that, for the Company Code A, with the Class 10001, this Asset shows the error.

But in a other Company Code B, with the same class 10001, it runs correctly.

Could you tell us what happend?



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Answers (2)

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In resume:

To make the test we use:

Same class and Assets that use the same determination account.

The only difference is the Company Code.

For one Company Code it runs, for the other one, the system shows us that the Asset nos exist, but exist.

Thanks RGN

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hi ,

Please check


  • The depreciation areas have to be set for periodic posting to the general ledger in the chart of depreciation.
  • Account determination has to be maintained appropriately for these depreciation areas in Customizing for Asset Accounting.
  • You should check the posting rules in Customizing for Asset Accounting before running the report for the first time.
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are you sure that you habe asset under asset class for comapny code a . As asset classes are defined at cleint level . Can you Please  go to AW01n and check that

Can you Please check posting rules for APC   depreciation area  for both comapny codes