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Arrear WTs, exemptions, payroll areas, PCR and SCHEMA

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Dear Experts

I am new to Indian payroll and have some questions:

How to round of /560 net pay amount eg.from 5678.87 to 5678?

How the payroll area(s) are decided as per the client. I mean what types of requirements for payroll areas config can come during inplementaion phase from client?

An employee claims for CEA exemption. IT 21 is maintained for his two children's. Dependent field is also checked. tax code SCeA with start and end date is defined. But still during payroll process 1 child exemption is getting calculated and others is not ! What could be the reason?

There are two locations say A and B. And I want to restrict wage types for A location, or Say two esg grps are there and I want to restrict WT for A grp. How would I do that?

I have created an Arrear wage type. I beleive that this WT is marked in IN43. And base and carry forward WTs are marked in IN 41 and IT 42 respectively. Do arrear wage types can be separately marked to each IN41 ,42,43, 44?

I have positive time mangement and time events are captured in 2011, i want to pay employees for extra hrs say 8 hrs worked on GH. How can I write a rule for time and payroll for payment?

I want to pay employee for his work anniversary. How can I write a PCR and SCHEMA?

PS: i would be raising such questions from time to time. I would really appreciate for the expert guidance

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Thank you sir

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Dear Experts,

Request you all to pl respond

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Hello bloodmoneyabhik,

Please refer below help link. Hope it's helpful.


Neeraj Jain