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Archiving material ledger in S4/HANA - Improvements Compared to ECC?

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Hello SAP-Community,

Does anyone have any experience with archiving ML documents under S4/HANA?

We are currently archiving in ECC in preparation for the migration to S4 (Brownfield). We have noticed that the archived ML documents are not read from the archive in the various ML transactions of the SAP standard, but are simply no longer displayed.

For example, archived ML documents are missing in the ML-typical material price analysis, TCode CKM3N.

(Since we have set the individual batch valuation to form the valuation types and the actual costing component is activated at the same time, we have to look into CKM3N more often).

We now use a third-party add-on to display the archived ML documents again "seamlessly" as if they were still unarchived in the database. Unfortunately, however, this add-on is only compatible with S4/HANA to a very limited extent.

We would therefore like to find out whether there are already improvements on the SAP side in the new S4?

In particular, to be able to display and evaluate archived ML documents "integrated" as standard?

A search in SAP-Help, SAP-for-Me, etc. revealed the new ML archiving object 'FCML4H_DOC' - but unfortunately without further explanation of the exact consequences.

Does anyone here know about this problem? How do others in ML deal with it and are there perhaps solutions?

We would be very grateful for tips and experience.

Best regards,Daniel

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