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Approval Procedure doesn't execute

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Hi there!

I've added Sales Order via DI. It's ok.

<b>But</b>, i have an approval procedure for Sales Order document with option "executes for All" (it meens that approvalProc is executed every time when i add that document).

<b>The question is why approval procedure isn't executed when i add document via DI?</b>

When i add Sales Order in SBO everything is Ok - approval procedure is executed

sorry for my EN

big thanx!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Alexey,

i think the "approval" control stays at the "UI level", so if you add a sales order via DI there's no "approval procedure activation".

Unofortunately i don't think there's a way to do this... probably the better way is to add a "Draft Sales Order" via DI.

You can make some tests to understand the "SBO logic" with the approval procedure.

Try to make two simple User Form via UI for adding sales order, in the first use the DI API and in the second BIND the fields with a DBDATASOURCE to the ORDR table. If all works fine you can see if the approval is related or not only to the "Sales Order system form".

Hope this helps (sorry for my english too, i think mine is worst than yours)

Kind regards,

Fabio Salucci

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