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APP Open Item Not cleared

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Hi All,

I have strange issue. automatic payment run is executed and after that i have messgae

Posting orders: 23 generated, 22 completed

i have 23 clearing document but one document which is generated its not cleared the open item and even am not finding that

document no in FB03 t code.

can you give give me your overview on this issue

"Posting orders: 23 generated, 22 completed" : Why this type of messgage genarated and what will be the reason

Thank you

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Answers (5)

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Thanks all issue solved

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Dont wary about regarding the app run one lime item not clear out of already it will clear u do

one thing out of app and check again otherwise go for to posted new transaction and run again with new one then automacally

it will be clear.



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Dear Mathfico,

pls check Vendor master data or invoice, i think you are not maintain payment method for particular invoice or particular vendor

Thanks & Regards

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Dear Mathfico,

please kindly read the following:

I hope this helps.


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With reference to the issue reported, as you have noticed the number of generated documents and the number of completed documents are different

-> "Posting orders: 23 generated, 22 completed". This is a clear indicator that there was something wrong with the update process and the payment document did not get posted. The reason why you have more documents generated than completed maybe due to update terminations on the executing the payment run. It means one of document was not posted

in the database. You could find the terminated update using SM13. Here you can find an update termination found via sm13 when user processed the payment.

Also please review the attached note 86578, especially the third recommendation and payment run processing option number 1. Comparison of 'Completed' orders to 'Generated' orders as stated will result in

identification of incomplete posting problems. Also check this note 70085 which has very good information:

If you have such terminations in future and documents were not posted, then please try the following

F110 menupath: Edit > Payments > After termination >

Draw up again.

Else the correction to be taken is to recreate manually the missing document and update the relevant cleared line items with the

payment document as the clearing document:

1.Use report RFVBER00 to find document gaps:

2.Pay the invoices manually.

You should be able to avoid double payment by using the below option in the print program i.e.

You should always select the flag "Payment doc.validation" on running your RFFO* report.

It gives an option to check if the payment documents are already in the system or not, and if it's not the print program excludes this data for payment.

Hope this information helps.

Best Regards