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Annual Salary calculation - Turkey

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Hi Experts,

I am new in SAP HCM and I have following requirment for Turkey.

* we dont have time and Payroll is 3rd Party so we only matain SAP PA and Org.

My requairment is business want to pay in Turkey only for

Factory workers as:

*Basic Pay Wage type code"1000" 14 times in year and Additional shift allowance wage type "1001" which is 12.5 % of basic pay each month x 12 to add up in Annual salry. so let suppose

Basic pay wage type 1000 is $1000 / month x 14 = 14000/ year

Additional allowance WT 1001 ( $1000x 12.5%) $125x12 =1500

Auunal salry = $ 15500.

Business wants to maitain both wage types in IT0008.

but when I am using feature "PFREQ",both WTs are getting multiply by 14 and auunal salary amount in ANSAL filed is $15750.00.

Please guide ASAP me to solve this issue.


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