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Alternate UoM in production Order

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Please help for below question:-

We manufacture in mtrs, but I required an alternate unit Kg in Issue components and receipt from production in Production Module.

Inventory UoM column in row level is not activated.

As soon as I enter 30 kg it should display as 80 mtr.

Is it possible without UDF's

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Answers (3)

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Where Can I see alternate Uom,in receipt from production in production module

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It is not reflecting in production module

As soon as I type 1kg alternate uom 2.6 mtrs should display in production module.

But in production module it didn't appear

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Dear Qwer,

Use multi unit of measure in item master.

Create multi unit measure master and conversion using the below Procedure:

Modules - Administration - Setup - Inventory - Unit of Measure Group

Group code : 1Kg-2.6Mtr ; Group name : 1Kg-2.6mtr

Click Group Definition - Select Base UoM as Kg (if it is not there create it)

1 kg alt UoM = 1 Kg Base UoM

on the second line 2.667 Mtr Alt UoM = 1 Kg

Update - Update - Ok

Now use this UoM as your item Unit of measure.