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After Production FG Stock Moisture Gain Process (Papers Mill Business)

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Hi !!!

Production Order 1000 KG Unrestricted 1000kg, After 7 days automatic 10% Moisture Increase of Physical FG Stock . Like: 1000x10%=100+1000=1100. But system showing Unrestricted QTY 1000 but how to maintain Moisture Increase QTY adjust in SAP System.

Note: Moisture Increase depend from Production confirmation date & Increase qty as per Standard percentage Like 10% on Unrestricted QTY & Fixed only Increase 10 day after Production.


M.G Rabbani

Active Contributor

Dear mdgolamrabbani,

I think described business scenario is understandable, but I'm not sure what your question is?

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Answers (2)

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dear stepankadera

Business type Papers Mills

Step-01:- Production Order QTY 10000 KG

Step:02-Production Order Confirm 10000 KG (COR6N)

Step-03:- Quality Inspection 10000 KG (QA32)

Step-04:- Check Unrestricted Stock (MMBE)

My Quistion -------- After Quality Inspection & Unrestricted Qty. 10000 KG OK & Stock Available date start 01.03.2023 But after 5/6 days (06.03.2023) automatick Increase FG Stock 50 kg by Physical, So how we are Maintain or Adjust in SAP FG Unrestricted Stock in SAP in Increase 50 kg Moisture gain QTY.

Note : Not Interested Physical Inventory (MI10)

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Hello Golam,

Process order/master recipe has Material quantity calculation functionality, Can you please check once.

Thanks and Best Regards

Sunil Patil