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Additive costs with special procurement

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Hello Friends,

A part is procured in Plant B from Plant A and both plants belong to same company code. Following below steps for costing the part in Plant B:

1. Using CK11N to cost part in Plant B which is using special procurement key

2. CK74N - Loaded additive costs in plant B for this part

How can we get the system to consider these additive cost while doing cost estimate / marking?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Sudip,

in the costing variant, section 'Additive Costs' you have use setting 'Include Additive Costs' and also check the box 'Include Additive Costs with Stock Transfer'.

Then do CK11N and the additive costs should be considered in plant B.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Make sure the valuation variant and costing version of the automatic cost estimate correspond with those of the manual cost estimate.You can check the valuation variant of the corresponding costing variant in T-code OKKN.

Make sure the quantity structure date (in the tab 'dates') of the automatic cost estimate in the T-code CK11N should be within the validity range (in the tab "dates') of the manual cost estimate in the T-code CK74N.

Set  the additive costs of the corresponding costing variant as 'include additive costs'  with stock transfer in the T-code OKKN.

Best Regards,