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Additional excise duty.

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I have to configure for Additional Excise Duty (Country india version). What are the necessary settings to be made? We are using TAXINJ.

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From the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Indirect Taxes > Procurement > Excise Invoice > For Depot > Additional Excise Entry at Depot.

In the Internal exc. inv. no. field, enter the internal excise invoice number at the depot along with the year, and choose .

The system displays the information from the excise invoice which has already been created at the depot, including the excise group, vendor excise invoice number, ship from, and all the receipt against that excise invoice, highlighting the RG 23D folio and serial numbers.

An excise invoice item can have multiple A certificates attached to it. The A certificates will have the same folio number as the original line item, but the serial numbers will be different. A hierarchy icon differentiates the additional lines for an item line.

You can maintain the A certificate number, date, and additional BED, AED ,SED and CESS for a given RG 23D Folio.

After entering an A certificate you cannot delete the A certificate from the system, but you can change it until it is picked up during removals from the depot.

If some of the values in an A certificate are incorrect, you can make the values zero so that they do not have an impact on the final excise value.

Once an A certificate is used for removals then it cannot be changed.

Save additional excise entry.

The system creates an entry in register RG 23D. Folio number generation must be active for you to make use of this supplementary invoice functionality at depot.

Additional Excise duty Percentage. These are leviable under the additional duties of excise act. These duties are in addition to basic excise duty and special excise duty.


Additional Excise duty is leviable in case of textile products, tobacco and sugar.


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