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Adding infotype structures in substitutions formulas

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Hi all,

I'm using substitutions (in GGB1, Public Sector France, Selection of person for promotion) for defining the rules that determine who can be proposed to a promotion with program RPLAVGF0PBS.

In standard, the list of structures that are available for defining the prerequisite of my substitution rules in the formula editor are : HRFRPBS_FP1_FIX and HRFRPBS_FP1_VAR.

I have already found the way of adding infotype structures in that list (like P0431 or P0008), customizing the view called VWTYGB01.

The problem is that the fields of those structures are not automatically filled with the values from the corresponding infotype tables for the employee being processed.

Is there a "standard way" of doing so ?

Do I have to replace the READ_MASTER_DATA form in the include called FGBBGRMD ?

If this is the case, how do I do that since it is generated by programs RGUGBR* ?

Thanks a lot for your precious help.


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looking thru' the code.. I found the following routine in the include RPLAVGF0PBSMOD..

form check_conditions.
* Check, if at least one record of infty 0001 is available:
  perform check_p0001.
* Put infotype tables P0008 and P0431 into joined table GT_0008:
  perform compose_it0008 tables p0008
* Perform the check on admissibility for the selected promotion lists:
  perform do_check.
endform.                               " CHECK_CONDITIONS

Which means both P0431 & P0008 are being read.. have you tried debugging?