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Adding fields to FAGLFLEXT totals table in New GL

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Hi Experts,

I need a step-by-step of how to add the alternate account field (ALTKT) at totals table FAGLFLEXT. I need creating reports using report painter where the account shown must be the alternate account.



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Standard Tables should not be disturbed with additng the fields or deleting.

If strongly recomended to add a filed for the same, then the Enhancement to be incorporated to the same to see the data update to the new filed.

Generally, Querry Report is suggested to combine the two table as per your requirement along with FAGLFLEXT Table.



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Hi Renato:

You need to first extend the FAGLFLEXT table by implemeting one of the CI include structures like CI_FAGLFLEX04. To implement it, if you go to SE11 (give table name FAGLFLEXT) and double click on CI_FAGLFLEX04, it ask to create the structure. Add the required custom fields in the CI structire.

Once the fields are added, in IMG under Ledgers-Fields definition, "Include fields in Totals Total", add the custom field.

Then, under Ledgers-Ledger, Assign scenarios and custom fields to Ledgers. Once this is done, you ledger as well as FAGLFLEXT has the custom field. Then you need to write some rule to update these custom fields.

Hope it helps.



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Hi Rahul,

In fact, I just want add the field LOKKT in FAGLFLEXT. Do I have to follow the same procedure as it is a standard field ? Do you have printscreens of this step-by-step ?

Thank you