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Adding a new contact employee to an existing Business partner (OCPR)

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Hi Experts,

Can anyone advise how I can add a new contact employee code to an existing business partner.

When I try and setup it replaces the existing contact employee information. I would like to add a new contact employee to the business partner.

I know with SDK we can use

SetCurrentLine Sets the active row to a specified row number. (public method)

Count Returns the number of contact employees included in the object. (public property)

However, with B1if, I am not sure. Or should it automatically know based on the manditory field

Name Sets or returns the employee name. Field name: Name.Mandatory property.

Can any one help. I am new to B1if. HELP!!!!


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Hi Sir,

I'm also facing same issue as yours.Using B1IF to update existing Contact person,when i try to add new contact person via XML file it overwrites the existing one.

Please find XML file i'm using for update.

My outbound is Insert with fallback to update.

Please help Sir,it's very urgent.

Thanks & Regards


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Hi Amit,

In your XML you will need to add the existing contact person first and then add your new contact person.

Hope that helps.



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