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Add own custom button in PF status of MRSS Planning Board /n/mrss/plboorgsrv

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I have a requirement to add own custom button in planning Board screen ie in screen /n/mrss/plboorgsrv. This button will behave like the standard button of 'Change Layout', where users can view only the columns they filter for display. Can anyone tell me if it is a feasible requirement

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Hi Everyone,

Please do let me know if this functionality is achievable in the standard process itself or if it possible to add custom button in PF status of MRSS screen

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I don't know and I don't have MRSS, but you can check the GUI Status used (select a button without pressing it, press F1 and double-click the function code to navigate to the GUI Status), and see if there's a button with dynamic text, which would mean that maybe there's a user exit available somewhere.

Otherwise, you must change the standard.

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Thankyou for your reply Sandra,

Actually MRSS screen is different than general standard SAP screens. Even after pressing F1, no info is available for PF status buttons in screen.

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